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Blonde is and remains a trend hair color

Написано bebelisa12 
Blonde is and remains a trend hair color
January 15, 2020 06:43AM
"This is a timeless collection created to demonstrate the versatility of Afro hair. I wanted the collection to be a combination of hair that is wearable and styles that wouldn't look out of place in a glossy fashion magazine." Junior Green

Hair: Junior Green
Photographer: Danny Baldwin
Make-up: neon velvet
Products: Denman
Images: FPA Media

Blond is individual, versatile and timeless. Blond is fun. Blonde is and remains a trend hair color - at all times.

This hair color is no less fascinating for hairdressers, because hardly any color is as multifaceted as blond. Always sought-after by many customers and sought by many hairdressers every day, a beautiful blonde represents the kingly discipline among hair colors Hairdressers has created a collection that shows the spectrum of blond in all its facets: Blonde ID ...

After a period of self-reflection, Chad Demchuk concluded that there are two truths: the base enables growth, and growth enables art. In terms of the art of cutting hair, this means the most puristic form of cutting: length, graduation and levels: Demchuk used these basic techniques to reconcile weight and solution and to define the buy lace wigs shape. From the arts and crafts, in particular the fabric and carpet manufacture - he adopted the principle of a seamless transition in order to formally weave colors into the underground. All of this together represents Chad's journey - from novice to true hair artist.
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