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Murmuration thousands of formation flights

Написано bebelisa12 
Murmuration thousands of formation flights
January 15, 2020 06:35AM
Inspired by the nature and the formation flights of flocks of birds, Candice McKay uses liquid shadows, so to speak, to stage the almost acrobatic representation of such an event. Contrasting sections of hair dipped in color reflect the iridescent splendor of the feathers and their glowing, constant adjustments to shades as they pervade the sky. The movement of the wings led to the creation of different textures. So you can see how the color adapts to each change and creates its own organic liveliness.

Hair & Color: Candice Mckay
Photographer: John Rawson
Makeup: Maddie Austin
Stylist: Jared Green
Products: Davines
Images: FPA Media

Fragile, delicate, fruity, iridescent - nothing is more charming than shades that are reminiscent of softly marbled nuances of ice cream, the French word for ice cream. Depending on the perspective - always beautiful, always differently shimmering and accentuating. Contrasts create exciting accents. Between cool and warm, short and long real hair wigs soft and rough, new lines and shapes are created. The colors shine and show themselves changeable up to a total directional resolution, which constitutes the freedom of creativity.
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