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maintenance and removal of extensions

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maintenance and removal of extensions
January 03, 2020 06:59AM
How's it going?
It takes 150 wicks to obtain an optimal result, but from 100 wicks, we already get a nice thickness. The price of a wick varies from 5 to 10 euros and (in general) the package includes the installation, maintenance and removal of extensions.
How long does it last ? You can keep them for 4 months on average ... but only if they are well maintained!

To know: From 3 months, the keratin points tend to be seen, since they go down with regrowth. Now is the time to cheat with a ponytail: the bindings then blend into the mass. As a general rule, as soon as you feel the fixing points too much, especially if your real hair is weakened and damaged, run to your hairdresser.

How can I take advantage of my new volume? By betting on the headband, star of the season.
I want length
Credit: Great Lengths
For who?
Those with short hair but don't want to wait months before they grow back. The only condition: you must have at least ten centimeters of hair full lace wigs on your head for the pose to be achievable.

What about maintenance?
We are dreaming of new lengths. But rigorous maintenance is essential. For top extensions, brush them thoroughly morning and evening and tie them before going to bed. During the day, you don't hesitate to run your hand through your hair, to avoid that some people get tangled with the fixing points. For shampoo, it is always the head tilted back and once a week for normal hair, up to 3 for oily hair.
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