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The verdict: My hair was very shiny

Написано bebelisa12 
The verdict: My hair was very shiny
January 03, 2020 06:41AM
The goal is to get essential oils into my scalp. Plus: we put hot water presses on the upper neck. Guaranteed relaxation! The treatment ends with the placement of a ginseng bulb which stimulates my bulb. Before leaving the salon, I have the right to a super brushing.

The verdict: My hair was very shiny but I mostly saw the effects day by day. My hair was lighter and above all easier to b and less greasy. A real makeover but a little long for the big nervous like me!

Pay attention to the color labels. In its last November issue, UFC Que Choisir publishes the results of a survey on hair dyes and reveals that "among all cosmetics, hair dyes are the ones that raise the most questions about their safety". The labeling of these products, in particular, would leave something to be desired. 25 stains were tested by volunteers. Verdic

Unclear indications
According to Que Choisir, an "artistic vagueness" exists in terms of labeling. The characteristics of the colors would often be indicated very vaguely. For example, only half of the products tested clearly indicate the type of coloring to which they correspond (permanent, toneontone or semipermanent). "Vague" indications which are mainly due to vegetable colorings buy human hair wigs uk, "which do not enter into this classification, "says the magazine.
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