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wants to give a facelift to her haircut

Написано bebelisa12 
wants to give a facelift to her haircut
December 27, 2019 06:38AM
To stay attractive, your soul mate wants to give a facelift to her haircut? To avoid unpleasant surprises, nothing better than going to get some ideas from your favorite male people. In fact with the latest hair trends, stars are perfect models for knowing which cut to adopt. Discover 20 inspirations that will capsize the heart of your dear and tender (and yours).

The mid-length cut
This year, mid-length in humans is making a comeback. If your companion likes to keep his lengths, advise him to opt for a square. If he chooses neither too short nor too long, he can vary the hairstyles. To highlight his cut, David Beckham opts for a parting in the middle while Julien Doré is adept at buns so as not to have hair before his eyes. As for Antoine Griezmann, he likes to texturize his lengths with a suitable gel.

The classic but chic court
Lovers of short haircuts will not be outdone as it is also very popular with celebrities. Guillaume Canet or Will Smith bet on a fairly short, almost shaved cut on the sides. For simplicity, always staying at the cutting edge of elegance, your lover can take inspiration from the handsome Chris Hemsworth or George Clooney.

Cutting in volume
The last trend is not the least is undoubtedly the volume cut. Men like to wear a rather short haircut buy human hair wigs but which nevertheless preserve a beautiful volume on the top of the head. like Romain Duris, M. Pokora or Laurent Delahousse who choose a natural or more sophisticated hairstyle thanks to a texturizing product.
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