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the long square leaves many possibilities for hairstyles

Написано bebelisa12 
the long square leaves many possibilities for hairstyles
December 27, 2019 06:34AM
In addition to being easy to maintain, the long square fits all face shapes and is suitable for all hair types. Dynamic, glamorous or relaxed, it brings volume and style to the hair. The ideal? A long square, very slightly plunging for light lengths. For a natural movement, it is degraded on the tips or a few strands. We can also give it more character and structure with bangs. For a rock side, we put on a lob that we just twister in a tapered square version, also ideal for thick hair.

Ponytail, low bun, half-tail ... the long square leaves many possibilities for hairstyles. We can easily make a wavy, very fashionable, which brings what is needed glamor. Finally, the long blurred square, a little crumpled, is a timeless one that seduces thanks to its effortless effect. Whether you wear it longer or shorter, smooth or wavy, the XXL square is a must-have.

Do you want to change your look without cutting or coloring your lace front wigs uk hair? Sometimes brushing, smoothing or a little styling mousse is enough to transform you for a day or an evening. Demonstration.

When the warm weather arrives, we often want to change our heads. The temptation to cut its lengths is even very strong. However, we hesitate and we change to the short cut because we are afraid of regretting. To avoid the risk of being disappointed, the solution is to find an intermediate haircut that allows several hairstyles. Short, medium-long or long hair, whatever the length, as long as there is material, everything is possible.
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