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can simply request a tone-on-tone color

Написано bebelisa12 
can simply request a tone-on-tone color
December 22, 2019 11:32AM
Halfway between light blonde and Venetian blonde, honey blonde is one of these easy-to-wear blondes, bright without overdoing it, which will provide warm and delicious tones to your hair. WE love !

Is honey blonde for me?
Good news, honey blonde can suit all types of skin tone and will always enhance your skin color. Thus the mat skins will be as if illuminated by the contrast of its golden reflections, and the fair skins will gain a healthy glow in winter and summer. And no matter what your hair type: straight, wavy, straight curly, square cut or long version, the honey blonde will bring lots of light to your hair anyway.

How to succeed?
The coloring technique used will obviously depend on your base color. Already blonde or brown hair can simply request a tone-on-tone color, easy to obtain on their naturally light shade. They can also trust the honey sweep to naturally lighten the human hair wigs uk hair, and gently bring it towards the honey blonde, while giving it relief. It will be a question for your colourist to discolor very fine strands on the half-lengths and ends in a non-uniform manner. Result, a real sunburn on your hair!

For darker hair, you must either opt for bleaching before coloring in honey blonde, or be patient and go gradually towards blonde by focusing first on a caramel sweep for example, then continue to lighten with gradually.
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