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which ensures us hair styled all day

Написано bebelisa12 
which ensures us hair styled all day
December 19, 2019 09:39AM
Do you have fine hair and do it slip easily? The simplest hairstyles should be fixed with discreet pins, or even with a little hairspray well applied (sprayed lightly and away from the hair). Do you have a thick, rebellious mane? Check it out with a comb before going to the hairstyle and don't hesitate to use more powerful elastics, or even double the elastics to be quiet. So for a hairstyle that holds, yes to the practical accessories that help us to mount updos, braids or buns, but without neglecting the fixing step which ensures us hair styled all day!

You only know it by name, but it's a name that makes you want! Yes, you too would like to wear hair as smooth and shiny as our Japanese friends thanks to the Japanese straightening.
Japanese smoothing, késako?
If your curly hair seems particularly indomitable, it may be time for you to test the Japanese straightening which will allow you to permanently stiffen your hair, and abandon your straightening iron for a while. This permanent hair straightening technique will indeed act in depth by modifying the very structure of the hair fiber. Please note that this technique is not recommended for lacewigsbuy streaked hair. No problem, however, for simply colored hair.

In the salon, the hairdresser will first perform a hair diagnosis to determine in particular the exposure time of the product, which can then vary from 15 to 45 minutes. Mineral water will be sprayed to close the scales and thus protect the hair, which will then be dried. Then the hairdresser will apply the product strand by strand, before letting it act and rinsing it off. It is then the time of drying and smoothing, again strand by strand, using plates, then the application of a fixing milk for 15 minutes which will guarantee the smooth appearance but also protect the hair. Drying without brushing will already reveal smooth, shiny and supple hair, without frizz.
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