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Facebook has proved to be one of the

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Facebook has proved to be one of the
April 09, 2019 11:08AM
Keep Your Air Conditioner Naples In The Best Condition By Hiring HVAC Professionals April 1 Julio Jones Womens Jersey , 2017 | Author: Denise Sanchez | Posted in Home and Family
The hurricane season runs from June to November in Naples, Florida and the rest of the country. The latest hurricane to inflict this region was Hurricane Matthew, which was long lived, powerful and deadly. It was a category 5 Atlantic hurricane that brought widespread destruction and loss of life. It is important to prepare your home and your air conditioner to weather such a storm. In order to protect their air conditioner Naples residents should use the following AC service tips before a hurricane strikes their homes.

One of the things you need to do in order to protect your AC from the lightening and power surges experienced during storms is to maintain it properly. As they perform routine maintenance, AC technicians in Broward County make sure that the units drain properly. During a storm Authentic Tevin Coleman Jersey , high condensation can occur. It may lead to water damage, drainage backups and the shutting down of AC systems if shut off switches are not functioning properly.

During storms, property owners should shut off their AC units so that they will not get damaged. Homeowners may feel uncomfortable when their AC units are shut off because of the heat and high humidity associated with storms. However, it is better to feel uncomfortable for a short while instead of having to replace damaged air conditioner. Homeowners can turn off their unit at the thermostat or at the breaker in order to have full protection during storms. People who have window units should remove them during hurricanes because they can become loose and get blown off.

Securing an outdoor unit can also play a part in keeping it safe during severe storms. The unit should be installed on a concrete slab and bolted with hurricane straps to the slab. In this way, the AC unit will not be lifted into the air during a storm.

You should also take measures to protect the electrical components of the air conditioning unit. Tropical storms can cause power surges through your house and they can ruin the essential electrical components of the air conditioner. You can protect your unit by installing a surge protector and turning off the unit before a storm arrives.

Tropical storms also cause damage when they throw objects into others. This means that a properly installed air conditioner can get damaged by an airborne object during a hurricane. Prior to the arrival of a tropical storm Authentic Duke Riley Jersey , Naples dwellers should cover their unit with a tarpaulin sheet or a homemade wooden structure so that it will not be hit by airborne objects.

Once the storm is over, it is important to inspect your air conditioner. You should check whether it was under water even for a little while. You should then remove the protective cover and check if the unit is damaged. Remember to also check whether any electrical line that runs from the unit is damaged. Make sure that you remove all the debris that may have built up around the unit.

Another essential thing to do after a storm is to hire an HVAC professional to check the unit, especially if it appears that the unit was damaged. A Naples FL HVAC firm can assess any damage. If the unit sustained damage, the HVAC technicians will repair it.

If you are hunting for the facts regarding air conditioner Naples residents should come to our web pages online today. More details are available at http:floridacoolinc now.

KINGSTON, March 7 (Xinhua) -- As countermeasures on drug trafficking take effect in Latin America Authentic Ito Smith Jersey , drug cartels are choosing Jamaica as a new hub for cocaine trafficking, the International Narcotics Control Board (INCкрутой said.

In its 2014 annual report released earlier this week, the United Nation-charted monitoring body said Jamaica remains the largest producer and exporter of cannabis in Central America and the Caribbean, and criminal groups now use the networks established originally for trafficking cannabis to traffic cocaine.

In Jamaica, drug trafficking are found at airports via drug couriers Authentic Deadrin Senat Jersey , baggage and air freight, and at seaports via containers, cargo vessels,fishing vessels and underwater canisters attached to ship hulls, according to the report.

Containerized cannabis and cocaine has been shipped in bulk to Europe and North America via Jamaica as ports around the island continue to experience serious problems including corruption Authentic Isaiah Oliver Jersey , violence, intimidation and circumvention of legal controls, the report said.

The INCB further pointed out that illicit drugs are traded for money as well as guns, which fosters criminal activities.

In 2013, Jamaica had the Caribbean's second-highest reported murder rate behind Saint Kitts and Nevis Authentic Austin Hooper Jersey , with 1,197 homicides, up 9 percent from 1,099 in 2012, according to the report.

Official statistics indicate that 1 Authentic Deion Jones Jersey ,230 kg of cocaine were seized in Jamaica in 2013, compared with 338 kg in 2012. The INCB said local organized groups and those from South and Central America continue to take advantage of the country's weak state and police structures.

Drug trafficking are worsened in Jamaica by corruption and the country's status as a popular tourist destination and major container trans-shipment point. Porous maritime borders, isolated beaches and coastal villages further facilitate the illegal trade, the report said.

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